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Fullstack Typescript developer

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia or Remote

Employment type: Fulltime, Contract

Compensation: From 3000€ + stock options

What you will do

  • Work on documentation and main webpage (Gatsby.js)
  • Work on developer studio - GUI for local development (React)
  • Work on internal Stacktape services and APIs (Node.js)
  • Work on core product (Typescript, AWS CloudFormation, aws-sdk)
  • Work on VScode editor extension (Typescript)

Who we are looking for

  • You have more than 5 years of active work experience with Javascript or Typescript.
  • You have experience working with AWS.
  • You can deliver results without being micro-managed.
  • You can learn new things quickly.
  • You like Stacktape and already have ideas how it could be improved.
  • You like to play with new technologies.

Our tech stack

  • Frontend: React, Gatsby.js, Emotion with css prop, eslint, Typescript
  • Backend: Lambda functions, Node.js, Typescript, eslint, esbuild
  • Core product: Typescript, aws-sdk, AWS CloudFormation
  • QA: Custom scripts, Jest, Mocha.

Why you will enjoy it here

  • You won't be micromanaged. You can do things how you like and how you see fit - given you deliver a good results.
  • A lot of interesting challenges.
  • No annoying processes and reporting.
  • You can deliver features all on your own - you can take responsibilities of a product manager.
  • Friendly atmosphere, wild teambuildings.
  • You can work remotely.
  • Flexible working hours

Before applying for this role, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Stacktape. Trying out its features, understanding how it works, and recognizing its quirks will not only make you more comfortable but also provide helpful tips that could assist you in the interview.

If you're interested, send your CV to We'll reply within 3 business days.

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