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Terms of use

Effective since 1st december 2020

Stacktape is very grateful for you choosing to use our products and / or services (furthermore as “Products” and / or “Services”). These Services are provided by Stacktape s.r.o, company ID 53071930, with its address being Ľudovíta Fullu 3104/15, 841 05, Bratislava, Slovakia (furthermore as “Stacktape”, “we”, “us” or “our”).

By using our Services, you agree (and thus are furthermore referred to as “User”, “Client”, “Customer”, “you” or “your”) to these Terms of Use, hence you are strongly advised to read them carefully and thoroughly. Please take your time to do so.


1. Description of Products and Services

Products and / or Services refer to any products, services or their respective parts, free or paid, provided by Stacktape and / or its affiliates.

Stacktape provides a cloud-native framework.

Stacktape has the right to change its Services anytime in any way. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, you agree to any future changes, updates, new features and alike being subject to these Terms of Use.

Services also include Stacktape’s website (, community slack (, documentation, tutorials and / or instruction materials, newsletter.

Stacktape is by no means responsible for providing any third-party means of accessing and / or using (such as hardware, internet connection, cloud provider services etc.) of any Services. Stacktape also bears no responsibility for any third-party fees, which may arise while using Stacktape’s Services.

2. Rights and Intellectual Property

Using Stacktape’s Services does not grant you any kind of ownership of any of our Services, parts of our Services and / or other intellectual property of Stacktape or its affiliates.

All of Stacktape’s Products and Services, including their parts, source code etc. are exclusively Stacktape’s intellectual property.

Stacktape claims no rights or ownership of the results of using our Services.

3. Access and Use

By using our Services, you agree to being of legal age to form a binding contract.

By using any of our Services that require any personal information or form of registration, you agree to:

  • (i.) provide true, accurate, complete and up to date information about yourself whenever prompted by any aspect of Stacktape’s services
  • (ii.) maintain and properly update the above mentioned information in a true, accurate, complete and up to date manner

4. Access and Use Restrictions

The user is not allowed, directly or indirectly, to:

  • (i.) reuse, reproduce, duplicate, modify, sell, resell, trade, license, sublicense, lease, rent, time-share, distribute, re-distribute or otherwise transfer, exploit, hack, reverse-engineer, disassemble any of Stacktape’s Products and / or Services
  • (ii.) use any modified versions of our Services
  • (iii.) use any of our Services with malicious intent
  • (iv.) use any of our Services in any unlawful way
  • (v.) attempt to bypass any feature, functionality, security measures etc. of our Services
  • (vi.) take advantage of any bugs, errors, security imperfections etc. of our Services
  • (vii.) attempt or use our Services in any manner a reasonable person would consider as not permitted use

5. Modification of Service

Stacktape aims to constantly improve and enhance its Services, hence we reserve the exclusive right to unilaterally add, remove, suspend, discontinue or otherwise change any functionalities, features or limits of our Services at any given time.

You agree to Stacktape not being anyhow liable for any effects caused to your or any third-party by changes, suspension or discontinuance to our Services.

6. Subscription to Service and Payment

By using any of our paid Services, you agree to our billing rules and having automatically prolonged subscriptions and respective billing.

In case of monthly subscriptions, your first payment will be billed automatically upon the moment of subscription. Further billing will occur on the 1st work day of each month.

In case of annual subscriptions, the payment for the whole year will be billed automatically upon the moment of subscription. Subsequent years will be billed on the last work day day of the last month in your current subscription.

7. Cancellation of Service

You are allowed to cancel your subscription at any given time in the admin console, or by contacting us solely via email means of communication listed in the Contacting Stacktape section. By cancelling your subscription, the subscription will remain active until the end of the current pre-paid period. After that, the subscription expires automatically.

Stacktape has no obligation in providing you any refund at any given time.

In case of annual subscriptions, Stacktape may agree on providing a partial refund, unilaterally decided by Stacktape according to the amount of fully remaining months.

Stacktape offers no refunds in order of the User purchasing any other subscription (neither the same, nor a different one) to our Services at a discounted price.

8. Termination of Service

Stacktape reserves the right to unilaterally suspend and / or terminate the User’s account and / or other means of access to any Services and furthermore refuse any future use without any eligibility for any kind of refund, in the following cases:

  • User violates any part of these Terms of Use
  • User attempts to cause any harm and / or damages to Stacktape or its reputation
  • Stacktape receives any order / request regarding the User from any law enforcement entity
  • Stacktape suspects any of the above mentioned cases

9. Liability for our Services

Stacktape bears no responsibility for lost data, profits, revenues caused to you or any third-party. Stacktape also bears no responsibility for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, exemplary or other damages caused to you or any third-party.

10. Privacy Policy

Regarding information about our data collection and usage, please see our Privacy Policy.

11. Email Newsletter

By registering an account to any of Stacktape’s services, you automatically give us a permission to send you our email newsletter and notifications via email to the email address you have specified.

You are allowed to opt-out of the email newsletter at any given time via means included in each email.

12. Contacting Stacktape

Stacktape may be contacted via multiple ways:

By contacting Stacktape, the User gives Stacktape a worldwide, non-exclusive perpetual right to any ideas, information, designs, materials, solutions etc. contained in any form of communication or arising from it.

The user also agrees not to pass any commercially or otherwise sensitive data and information to Stacktape. In case of violation, Stacktape bears no liability in such a case.

13. About these Terms of Use

Stacktape has the right to unilaterally modify these and / or any additional terms that apply to our Services. Stacktape may do so at any given time in any way. Changes to these and / or other terms will not apply retroactively.

Stacktape will notify registered Users and Users subscribed to our newsletter at least seven days prior to new terms coming into effect.

In some cases, changes that are addressing pressing matters or are bound by legal reasons will be put into effect immediately. Stacktape will notify registered Users and Users subscribed to our newsletter about such changes.

If you ever find yourself not agreeing to any modifications of these and / or any other terms, policies etc., you are advised to discontinue the use of our Services.

These terms control the relationship between Stacktape and you, the User. They do not create any third-party beneficiary rights.

If you do not comply with these terms, other terms and / or their future modifications, you agree to Stacktape having the right to take action at any given time. If we do not exercise this right immediately, it does not mean we are giving up any right to do so in the future.

If any part of these terms, other terms and / or their future modifications are rendered invalid or void, the rest remains effective.

The section titles of these Terms of Use are for convenience only and bear no legal or contractual effect.

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