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Privacy policy

Effective since 1st december 2020

Stacktape s.r.o, company ID 53071930, with its address being Ľudovíta Fullu 3104/15, 841 05, Bratislava, Slovakia (furthermore as “Stacktape”, “we”, “us” or “our”) considers fair use of data, its protection and privacy to be of upmost importance.

In case of using any of our products or services (furthermore regarded as “Products” and / or “Services”) described in our Terms of Use, you are subject to both our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (and thus are furthermore referred to as “User”, “Client”, “Customer”, “you” or “your”). By doing so, you claim responsibility of being properly informed about us collecting, storing, using and / or otherwise being in contact with your data according to our Privacy Policy and / or Terms of Use. You also declare consent with us doing so.

This Privacy Policy has been created to serve beneficially to anyone subject to our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, especially those with data usage concerns. Hence, please do take your time to read our Privacy Policy thoroughly and carefully.


1. Data Collection and Usage

Stacktape uses, which is a open-source, GDPR-, CCPA- and PECR-compliant privacy-first web analytics tool. For a more thorough description about their means of collection and usage of data, please view their data policy.

We collect the following data via Plausible:

Data PointExampleDescription
Page URL track the page URL of each page view on your website. We use this to show you which pages have been viewed and how many times a particular page has been viewed. The hostname and path are collected. Query parameters are discarded, except for these special query parameters: ref=, source=, utm_source=, utm_medium= and utm_campaign=.
HTTP Refererhttps://facebook.comWe use the referrer string to show you the number of visitors referred to your website from links on other sites.
BrowserChrome 86.0We use this to show you what browsers and browser version numbers people use when visiting your website. This is derived from the User-Agent HTTP header. The full User-Agent is discarded.
Operating systemmacOS 10.15We use this to show you what operating systems people use when visiting your website. We show the brand of the operating system and the version number. This is derived from the User-Agent HTTP header. The full User-Agent is discarded.
Device typeDesktopWe use this to show you what devices people use when visiting your website. This is derived from window.innerWidth. The actual width of the browser in pixels is discarded.
Visitor CountryUnited KingdomWe look up the visitor’s country using their IP address. We do not track anything more granular than the country of origin and the IP address of the visitor is discarded. We never store IP addresses in our database or logs.

Taken from’s data policy

Hence Stacktape declares using without collecting any personal data.

Stacktape vows to maintain maximum effort to collect and / or get in touch with the minimum amount of both personal and non-personal data necessary for providing our Services. These may include:

  • Email - necessary for providing paid subscriptions Services, newsletters, email support
    • Used to:
      • Send information, respond to inquiries, requests or questions
      • Process subscriptions, send information and / or updates regarding subscriptions
      • Send additional information, updates related to our Products and / or Services
      • Send notifications about changes in Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or other documents
      • Marketing purposes within our own mailing list
  • Your configured AWS profile - used necessarily for deployment and ensuring proper functionality of our framework’s features
    • Specifically, we access:
      • <<< ADD OTHER IF NEEDED >>> - <<< WHY WE USE IT >>>

2. Data Retention

Data acquired via are stored on Plausible’s renewable energy power server in Germany, with Stacktape retaining 100% ownership of the data. According to Plausible, all data should be covered by the European Union’s strict laws on data privacy.

Schrems II and its invalidation of EU-US Privacy Shield should be of no concern, since your data never leaves the EU.

At any given time, you are entitled to access your personal information and / or ask for it being corrected, updated or deleted. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact us solely via email means of communication listed in the Contacting Stacktape section. Please be aware that this process might take up to 14 days.

In case of terminating your account, please note, that Stacktape might retain your data for any given time, as long as we have a legitimate reason to do so. We also reserve the right to provide the data to any respective law enforcement and / or other eligible entities and / or institutions, even after termination of your account.

In case deletion of personal data, please contact us solely via email means of communication listed in the Contacting Stacktape section. Please be aware that for your own protection, this process might take up to 14 days and may require additional means of identification. Stacktape reserves the right to decline your request, should you fail to sufficiently identify yourself.

3. Data Protection

Stacktape uses high standards of security to protect its Services and the data of its Users. All data bound to is encrypted via SSL/TSL when transmitted to your browser. Any database data is also encrypted.

All transactions are fully processed through Stripe. Stacktape does not collect or store any of your billing data. For more information about how Stripe collects, stores, processes or otherwise handles your data look into Stripe’s privacy policy or other documentation.

4. Cookies

Stacktape does not use cookies in any way. Plausible allows us to perform data analytics completely cookie-free, without accessing any personal information.

However third-party providers, used by Stacktape to provide some of its Services or parts of their Services, may use cookies. Stacktape bears no responsibility for third-party providers doing so.

For better information, please read the Third-Party Disclosure section, which containts a list of third-party providers, links to their websites and legal documents.

5. Third-Party Disclosure

Stacktape uses third-party providers to provide some of its Services or parts of their Services. These include:

Stacktape bears no responsibility on how third-party providers collect, use, store, otherwise manipulate and / or protect any of your data. This is done all accordingly to the respective policies, terms or other legal documents of the third-party providers. By using any of our Services that include third-party providers, you agree with these circumstances.

Other than that and, Stacktape does not provide any data to any other third-parties.

Stacktape reserves the right to provide any information to respective entities and institutions if required to do so by law or any kind of law enforcement.

6. Contacting Stacktape

Stacktape may be contacted via multiple ways:

By contacting Stacktape, you give Stacktape a worldwide, non-exclusive perpetual right to any ideas, information, designs, materials, solutions etc. contained in any form of communication or arising from it.

You also agree not to pass any commercially or otherwise sensitive data and information to Stacktape. In case of violation, Stacktape bears no liability.

7. About this Privacy Policy

Stacktape has the right to unilaterally modify this policy and/ or any additional policies that apply to our Services. Stacktape may do so at any given time in any way. Changes to these and / or other policies will not apply retroactively.

Stacktape will notify registered Users and Users subscribed to our newsletter at least seven days prior to new policies coming into effect.

In some cases, changes that are addressing pressing matters or are bound by legal reasons will be put into effect immediately. Stacktape will notify registered Users and Users subscribed to our newsletter about such changes.

If you ever find yourself not agreeing to any modifications of this and / or other policies, you are advised to discontinue the use of our Services.

If you do not comply with this policy, other policies and / or their future modifications, you agree to Stacktape having the right to take action at any given time. If we do not exercise this right immediately, it does not mean we are giving up any right to do so in the future.

If any part of this policy, other policies and / or their future modifications are rendered invalid or void, the rest remains effective.

The section titles of this policy are for convenience only and bear no legal or contractual effect.

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