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Supabase is a modern, open-source Backend as a Service platform. It offers an easy and convenient way for frontend-developers to create backend functionality for their applications.

Unfortunately, Supabase is not well-suited for more complex backend use-cases.

Stacktape offers simplicity and productivity that is not far off from that of Supabase, yet offers the full power, flexibility and cost-efficiency of AWS.

On top of that, Stacktape allows you the leverage the full power AWS.

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Target audienceFrontend + Backend devsFrontend devs
CostAWS fees + ~30%Usage + per developer fees
Up to $100,000 infree credits
AWS Lambda support
Edge functions
Container support
Long-running jobs support
SQL databases support
Redis, MongoDb & Kafka support
Web Application Firewalls
Configurable using IaaC
Alarms and Guardrails
Blue/green + canary deployments
Private networking and VPCs

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