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Vercel is a super-easy to use option for all of your frontend infrastructure.

Although Stacktape is not as seamless to use as Vercel, it can still be easily used for all of your infrastructure needs (in some cases even better than Vercel, as it also supports containers). Moreover, Stacktape can also be used for backend infrastructure. You can use it to deploy frontends, backends or even complicated ML pipelines. Stacktape also gives you significantly more flexibility and is way more cost-efficient.

Stacktape and Vercel can also also be used together.

More supported use-cases

Stacktape supports significantly more use-cases. It gives you the full power of AWS, allowing you to deploy Containers, SQL and NoSQL databases, API Gateways, MongoDb, Redis & more.

Unlimited flexibility and control

Stacktape deploys directly to your AWS account. You can easily customize and extend anything deployed by Stacktape.

Development studio (GUI)

Stacktape development studio makes it easy to debug, test and manage your applications.

Programmatic SDK

Easily build complicated deployment pipelines in your favorite programming language.

VS code extension

Stacktape extension validates and autocompletes your configuration files and comes with a built-in documentation.

Development studio (GUI)

Stacktape development studio makes it easy to debug, test and manage your applications.

Infrastructure as a Code

Benefits of IaaC include reusability (a single config for production/staging/dev environments), reduced risk of human error, ability to version control and review your infrastructure and many more. If you don't like writing configuration, you can do it using the visual stack builder (GUI).

Not as seamless

Stacktape requires a bit of configuration on your side (~30 lines for a REST API, ~8 for a static website). The configuration is simple and can be performed by any developer without DevOps or Cloud knowledge.

Smaller community

Being a new product, Stacktape does not have a large community yet.

No built-in Continuous Deployment

Stacktape doesn't deploy your apps automatically on every push. However, the deployment is similarly easy - just use stacktape deploy --stage production. If you prefer GitOps deployments, integrating Stacktape into any CI/CD system (such as Github actions or Gitlab pipelines)can be done in 5 minutes.

No native Next.js integration

Vercel has a seamless integration for Next.js projects. Stacktape requires a bit of configuration to deploy Next.js websites. Added benefit of Stacktape is that you can run your Next.js web inside a container, which avoids cold start issues.

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