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Vercel is a frontend infrastructure platform that allows developers to seamless develope and deploy their frontend applications.

Stacktape can also be used to deploy all of your frontend applications.

Besides that, Stacktape is also made for backend infrastructure. You can use it to deploy lambda functions, containers, SQL & NoSQL databases or even complicated ML pipelines.

Stacktape is significantly more flexible and extensible, and requires significantly smaller amount amount of vendor lock-in.

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Target audienceFrontend + Backend devsFrontend devs
CostAWS fees +30%Usage + per developer fees
Ability to leverage free credits
Serverless functions support
Edge functions support
Static hosting support
Container support
Long-running jobs support
SQL databases support
Redis, MongoDb & Kafka support
Web Application Firewalls
Configurable using IaaC
Alarms and Guardrails
Blue/green + canary deployments
Private networking and VPCs

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