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Vercel is a platform for building and hosting application frontends.

However, it has very limited support for building application backends (servers).

Stacktape's Advantages

Full power of AWS

Stacktape allows you to deploy almost any infrastructure components, including containers, batch jobs, SQL and NoSQL databases, API Gateways, Load balancers, file storage, CDN & more.

Infrastructure as Code

Stacktape allows you to manage infrastructure using simple and declarative configuration file. You can easily deploy as many environments (stages) as you want.

Optimized build process

Stacktape supports zero-config, heavily optimized parallel builds with advanced caching.

Programmatic SDK

Stacktape includes both CLI and SDK (currently supported for Javascript and Typescript). It allows you to easily build complicated deployment pipelines.

Editor extension

Stacktape comes with a VS code editor extension to further improve developer experience with validation, autocompletion and built-in documentation.

Development studio (coming soon)

Stacktape development studio is a graphical user interface. It's a convenient way to manage and test your applications and infrastructure.

Client SDKs (coming soon)

Client SDKs (for web, mobile and more) can be used within your application to help with most common tasks (authenticating users, uploading files, etc.).

Stacktape's Disadvantages

Smaller community

Being a new product, Stacktape doesn't have a large community yet.

Always happy to answer your questions.

You can always reach us on our community Slack channel.

For feature requests and bug reports, please create a GitHub issue.


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