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Render is a PaaS platform that can deploy your applications simply by connecting a git repository. Unfortunately, it's very common to outgrow a solution like Render. It's not sufficiently flexible for more advanced use-cases, and can get expensive with scale.

Stacktape is similarly easy to use. The advantage of Stacktape is that you get more flexibility and control. Stacktape also natively supports significantly more infrastructure components (25+).

More power

With Stacktape, you have the full power of AWS (and selected 3rd party providers) on your fingertips. You can easily deploy Lambda functions, Containers, SQL and NoSQL databases, API Gateways, MongoDb, Redis & more. Stacktape also offers advanced features, such as blue/green deployments, private networking, etc.

Unlimited flexibility and control

Stacktape deploys directly to your AWS account. You can easily customize and extend anything deployed by Stacktape.

Optimized build process

Stacktape supports zero-config, heavily optimized parallel builds with content-aware caching.

Development studio (GUI)

Stacktape development studio makes it easy to debug, test and manage your applications.

Programmatic SDK

Easily build complicated deployment pipelines in your favorite programming language.

Local & Remote development mode

Stacktape allows you to run your workloads locally in the same environment as they run in production. It also allows you to run lambda functions in the cloud with the same experience as running them locally.

VS code extension

Stacktape extension validates and autocompletes your configuration files and comes with a built-in documentation.

Infrastructure as a Code

Benefits of IaaC include reusability (a single config for production/staging/dev environments), reduced risk of human error, ability to version control and review your infrastructure and many more. If you don't like writing configuration, you can do it using the visual stack builder (GUI).

No built-in Continuous Deployment

Stacktape doesn't deploy your apps automatically on every push. However, the deployment is similarly easy - just use stacktape deploy --stage production. If you prefer GitOps deployments, integrating Stacktape into any CI/CD system (such as Github actions or Gitlab pipelines)can be done in 5 minutes.

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