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Render is a modern PaaS provider. It offers developer-friendly deployment and infrastructure management experience.

Render is built on top of AWS and fully abstracts the underlying AWS concepts. This means it's easy to pick up and use, but offers less flexbility and control. Besides that, it creates a large amount of Vendor lock-in.

Stacktape brings the deployment and development simplicity of a PaaS platform directly to your own AWS account. Thnaks to that, it offers more power, supported use-cases, flexiblity and create a lesser amount of vendeor lock in.

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CostAWS fees +30%Usage + per developer fees
Ability to leverage free credits
Full power of AWS
Serverless functions support
Redis support
MongoDb + DynamoDb support
Alarms & Guardrails
Blue/green + canary deployments
VS code extension
Programmatic SDK
Local development helpers
Private networking and VPCs

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