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To deploy a production-grade application using a Terraform-based setup, you typically need to write 1000s of lines of configuration. You will also need to configure and use other tools, such as container orchestrators, image builders, write your deployment scripts, etc.

Stacktape is an all-in-one solution, that takes care of all the DevOps-related tasks, such as infrastructure configuration, deployments, deployment artifact management, packaging, observability, security, local development and more.

Stacktape provides a high-level, developer-friendly abstraction, that can be used by developers - even those with 0 DevOps knowledge. This significantly speeds up the whole development and application shipping process.

On top of that, Stacktape provides many productivity-related features, that improve the developer's day-to-day productivity.

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Target audienceDevelopersDevOps experts
Required DevOps workLow to noneHigh
Time to productionDaysMonths
Automatic packaging
Application deployments
Deployment artifact management
Local development helpers
Management console
Programmatic SDK
Configurable using IaC
Configurable using GUI
Supported cloud providersAWSMany

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