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Serverless framework is a widely adopted and developer-friendly deployment tool for function-based applications.

The problem with Serverless framework is that it supports only lambda functions. To create a full application, you need to configure a lot of things on your own, which means you need to learn AWS Cloudformation & understand the underlying AWS services.

Stacktape is very similar to Serverless framework, but supports way more infrastructure components, including containers, SQL & NoSQL databases and much more. It also offers many features that improve developer day-to-day productivity and Guardrails that make managing larger projects easier.

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CostAWS fees +30%AWS fees
Required DevOps knowledgelow to nonemedium
AWS Lambda support
Container support
Long-running jobs support
SQL databases support
Redis, MongoDb & Kafka support
Configurable using IaaC
Configurable using GUI
Remote (CodeBuild) deployments
Blue/green + canary deployments
Programmatic SDK
Local development studio
VS code extension
Multi-cloud supportPlanned (2023)

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