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Stacktape is very similar to AWS SAM. You describe your stack with a simple YAML (or Typescript) configuration and type stacktape / sam deploy. Everything else is taken care of for you.

The difference is that Stacktape supports significantly more use-cases. It also offers several productivity-related features (local development studio, visual stack builder, VS code extension).

More supported use-cases

Stacktape supports significantly more use-cases. It gives you the full power of AWS, allowing you to deploy Containers, SQL and NoSQL databases, API Gateways, MongoDb, Redis & more.

Development studio (GUI)

Stacktape development studio makes it easy to debug, test and manage your applications.

VS code extension

Stacktape extension validates and autocompletes your configuration files and comes with a built-in documentation.

Visual stack builder

If you don't like writing YAML, Stacktape allows you to configure your stacks using a graphical interface.

Optimized build process

Stacktape supports zero-config, heavily optimized parallel builds with content-aware caching.

Programmatic SDK

Easily build complicated deployment pipelines in your favorite programming language.

Not open-source

Stacktape is a freemium product. While it's not completely free, it comes with a generous free tier that works for small to mid size projects and teams.

Smaller community

Being a new product, Stacktape does not have a large community yet.

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