Stacktape vs. 
AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk provides an easy way to deploy container-based applications. It also allows you to provision a relational database. However, it does not seem to be actively developed and lacks a lot of features expected from a modern PaaS platform.
Stacktape is in many ways similar to Beanstalk, but supports more use-cases and provides more seamless development experience.

More power

With Stacktape, you have the full power of AWS (and selected 3rd party providers) on your fingertips. You can easily deploy Lambda functions, Containers, SQL and NoSQL databases, API Gateways, MongoDb, Redis & more. Stacktape also offers advanced features, such as blue/green deployments, private networking, etc.

Development studio (GUI)

Stacktape development studio makes it easy to debug, test and manage your applications.

Local & Remote development mode

Stacktape allows you to run your workloads locally in the same environment as they run in production. It also allows you to run lambda functions in the cloud with the same experience as running them locally.

VS code extension

Stacktape extension validates and autocompletes your configuration files and comes with a built-in documentation.

Actively developed

Stacktape is actively developed and new features are added on a monthly basis.

Programmatic SDK

Easily build complicated deployment pipelines in your favorite programming language.

Smaller community

Being a new product, Stacktape does not have a large community yet.

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