Introducing Stacktape

Matúš Čongrády, CEO @ Stacktape

April 12, 2022

So you've just finished writing your application, and now you need to deploy it. You have several options:


Until now, you could choose either "powerful" or "easy". But today, you have another option.

Introducing Stacktape

Stacktape is a DevOps-free cloud framework made for developers. It allows you to develop, deploy and run applications on AWS. With 98% less configuration and without the need for DevOps or Cloud expertise.

Unlike with other solutions, you can deploy both serverless (AWS lambda-based) and more traditional (container-based) applications. Stacktape also supports 20+ infrastructure components, including SQL databases, Load balancers, MongoDB Atlas clusters, Batch-jobs, Redis clusters, Upstash Kafka & more.

Besides infrastructure management, Stacktape handles:

  • source code packaging
  • deployments
  • local/remote development
  • domain management
  • and much more

Stacktape also comes with a VScode extension and local development studio (GUI).

Stacktape in action

To deploy a REST API to a production-grade infrastructure on AWS using Stacktape, you'll need just a few lines of configuration:

serviceName: rest-api

    type: web-service
        cpu: 0.25
        memory: 512
        minInstances: 1
        maxInstances: 5
        type: stacktape-image-buildpack
          entryfilePath: ./src/index.ts
        - name: DB_CONNECTION_STRING
          value: $Param('mainDb', 'connString')

    type: relational-database
        type: aurora-postgresql-serverless
        masterUserName: $Secret('db_username')
        masterUserPassword: $Secret('db_password')

(This example configuration translates to ~600-800 lines of Terraform or AWS CloudFormation)

To deploy your application, all you need is a single command:

stacktape deploy --stage test --region eu-west-1

Stacktape will handle the rest:

  • Package your source code, resolve all of its dependencies and create a Docker image
  • Push the Docker image to a pre-created container registry on AWS
  • Configure and provision your infrastructure. Under the hood, Stacktape will create ~35-40 AWS resources, including VPC, security groups, IAM permissions, route tables and more
  • Run your application

Stacktape deploy demo


With Stacktape, you get best of both worlds - the simplicity of Heroku, and the power of AWS:

  • Production grade and fully-managed infrastructure - scalable, reliable, secure and performant
  • Significantly faster time-to-production (few hours to 5 days vs. 3-12 months)
  • DevOps-free, developer-friendly experience
  • Heavily-optimized and efficient deployments
  • Future-proof solution that can scale to any project size
  • Reliable, repeatable and auditable deployments
  • Lower infrastructure costs

We'll be very happy if you give Stacktape a try and let us know what you think.
To get started, head over to stacktape docs.

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